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:iconsparklekitty2124: Tagged me in this thing, so I guess I have to do it?


Do this in a week or do the thing the creator tells you to do
Write 13 things about you
Answer 13 questions
Write 13 questions
Tag 13 people

Do this in a week or change your icon for a week.

About me
1. I'm moving next or the following weekend.
2. My favorite band is Hollywood Undead.
3. I love the color red.
4. I stole six books from the school library last week...
5. I'm currently listening to Undertale music.
6. I am obsessed with yaoi....
7. My favorite yaoi ship is Ellis x Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)
8. Left 4 Dead 2 for life.
9. I have an X box live account.
10. My eye color is hazel.
11. I skipped 11.
12. You just checked.
13. I'm done.

 Questions for me
1. What is the best game?
    Undertale and Left 4 Dead 2

2. How is your day?
    Wonderful. I just bought some awesome merchandise. ^^

3. Headphones or earbuds? 
    Headphones. It blocks out everyone else.

4. How did you come up with your username?
    I was trying to think of a PesterChum username for my OC troll, Zulra, but it ended up being my username fro almost everything.

5. What is your favorite social media?
    I'd have to say...Kik (If that even counts)...I don't use much social medias.

6. Chocolate or Caramel?
    I do not really like both because I get sick of them fast easily, but I guess if I had to choose I'd say chocolate.

What was your favorite year of school? 
    probably fourth.

8. Do you cosplay?
    Yes I do. Sometimes and when I have the money.

9. Do you have pets?
    Yes. I have a dog and a puppy.

10. What makes you happy? 
    Music and drawing.

 What is a thing you always played with as a kid?
    My Angelica back pack from the rugrats.

12. Favorite animal?

Most annoying question to answer?
    Probably 7.

Questions for you.
1. Favorite game?

2. Favorite song?

3. Do you like to sing?

4. X box or Gamecube?

5. What do you think the world will be like in twenty years?

6. Do you know who Hugh Dillon his?

7. Gravity falls fan?

8. Favorite thing to do during a power outage?

9. Favorite season?

10. Summer or Winter?

11. Favorite childhood show?

12. Scared of dying?

13. Ever been to a convention?













:iconsoproxi:  (Haha as if she'll see this)

:iconmusicmonsterandmyst:   (....I had no one else....don't judge....)


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United States
Welcome. I have no reason to introduce myself, for all the information of me is just above. Anyway, I will have just a bunch of random trash thrown here and there so yeah.

I have x box live,kik and youtube, so if you want to contact/ play, you may ask for them.

Good day.


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